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Continuing Education in Everyday Leadership, Supervision, and Clinical Topics

We believe that successful treatment in Speech Pathology & Audiology are the result of evidence-based education and the everyday leadership of both the client and the clinician.

Our courses target three areas: Certification in Everyday Leadership, Certification in  Supervision and Clinical Topics. Get ready to connect, grow and practice like never before.

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We answer questions such as:

The paperwork and caseload in my clinic are overwhelming. There are redundant reports, difficult software and limited timeframes. How do I provide great care with these administrative responsibilities?

My administrator is upset with me if I do not bill for oral motor therapy on all sessions. I don’t think this is appropriate but I don’t want to lose my job. What options do I have?

I would like to feel like I have objective milemarkers in my career. How can I do this when my employer does not yet have a career ladder in our field?

I have two supervisors who have very different expectations. Am I allowed to ask for a shared “scale”? What advice do you have for my CFY experience?

We answer questions such as:

I’m supervising 3 Clinical Fellows this year. What should I expect from them and what can they expect from me?

I am supervising 2 assistants, what am I legally and ethically asked to do?

We explore solutions for challenges such as:

What are the best ways to support my students with autism from a workload perspective?

“What are best practices for my TBI patients?

“My caseload has a diverse range of ages and severities. How can I efficiently plan for each student’s needs?

“We want to equip you to be your best. Learn from our decades of experience.”

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