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Become a better clinician from the inside out.

Our mission is to empower clinicians to empower themselves and others. We provide evidence-based, relatable continuing education that prioritizes the clinician’s time and stress management, with a focus on interprofessional dynamics.

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Sharon Rice, MS, CCC-SLP


“How care is delivered is as important as what care is delivered.”

Institute of Medicine (Interprofessional Education Collaborative Expert Panel, 2011.)

Speechceu.com is a project years in the making. Nearly twenty years ago, I was struck by Dr. Jon Ashby’s ability to bring out the best in everyone, whether he was working with a client or a student, a professor or an administrator. His example became my clinical framework, to empower others to move beyond, or in spite of, limitations.

Speechceu.com is made by and for clinicians. We are here to share best practices and efficient strategies that preserve each clinician’s well-being. We are advocates for streamlined processes and technology, reasonable workload/caseload management, and healthy working environments.


Our Authors

Our authors refresh the basics and illuminate advanced material in accessible language. Get to know their stories, and learn from their expertise. Become a better clinician from the inside out!