November 28, 2016

ASHA 2016

Sharon Rice MS CCC-SLP

We had an incredible time at ASHA in Philly. It was really exciting to meet or reconnect with colleagues, and we were overwhelmed with the response from guests to our booth. Thank you to everyone who was able to stop by, it means so much! Our goal is to improve the quality and accessibility for continuing education for clinicians for the full range of clinical experiences, and that begins and ends with you!

One of my favorite things about being at ASHA was meeting other clinicians and exploring the booths in the exhibit hall. Products and technology are often where the research “comes alive”, so I was really interested to see what I could learn from other clinicians in the booths.

In case you weren’t able to spend much time in the exhibit hall, or weren’t onsite this year, stay tuned for some awesome products that I think are great for helping those we serve. I do not receive anything from listing these items, they’re just my favorites from the tradeshow. When I find things that I think are helpful, I enjoy sharing them with others! It’s a way for you to get to know me and my treatment philosophies, and hopefully a chance for me to get to know yours as well. Maybe one day in the future we’ll be at the same dinner after an event or conference and get to talk over a glass of wine (or iced tea, if it’s daytime in the south.) Until then, this blog is one way I look forward to connecting with and learning from each of you.

Over the next few blog posts, here is an overview of product categories I’ll be highlighting:

  • AAC
  • Aphasia
  • Articulation
  • Audiology
  • Autism
  • Carryover & client/community education
  • Dysphagia
  • Early language
  • Fluency
  • Oral motor exams
  • Parkinson's
  • Sensory Integration
  • Spanish language materials
  • Technology, report writing & data collection
  • Bullet Point 2

Many of my favorite items were created by clinicians who kept encountering a challenge in their work, and so created a solution to solve it. I’m so proud of our profession and the difference that we make in people’s lives. In the first post of this series I’ll cover just one item, the AAC Report, founded by Julie Lynch, CCC-SLP, ATP.

Whether or not you were at ASHA this year, if you could only recommend one product or technology for other clinicians, what would it be? Comment below to let others know!

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