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We provide evidence-based clinical education in relatable language. Because our work is highly relational, we developed advanced certifications in Supervision and Everyday Leadership. is a sustainable way to support your practice, with continuing education that takes care of the clinician as much as it does the client. Our courses take the time and stress management of the clinician into account when making evidence-based recommendations, and any highlighted materials come with suggestions with use with a wider population. The structure of our continuing education courses promote effective collaboration with clients, their families and colleagues, as well as efficient, effective work practices for the clinician. The content is practical, relatable and designed to help you become a better clinician, from the inside out. Sign up today!


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The supervisory relationship is essential to the vitality and future of our field. The way in which a clinician is brought into his or her role leaves an indelible mark on his or her career. From watching and interacting…

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Everyday Leadership

Whether or not you hold a position of technical authority, you influence those around you. Your personal development influences your diagnostic process, treatment and professional rapport with clients and colleagues. It…

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We offer subscription based plans as part of our commitment to a sustainable career. We believe that our careers are best served when we are continually learning, rather than relying on a few days a year to stimulate our growth. And no one likes the feeling of scrambling to find courses just before hours are due! Of course if you find yourself in that situation, we are here to help!

Keep your clinical skills, critical thinking, and stress management current by regularly exposing yourself to best practices with new ideas and teachers throughout the year.

Joining a membership plan gives you access to a number of exclusive benefits and promotional offers that save you money and promote a healthy, effective work-life.

“To really understand something, you need to be able to explain it easily to your 80 year old grandma.”

J. David Garrett, PhD, Iowa University
Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Baylor University