Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What CEUs are available?

    Coursework will be available for ASHA CEUs beginning May 2017.

  • What if I have a topic to suggest?

    We want to support your work in meaningful ways, please feel free to reach out with any needs or topics that you’d like to see covered. While we are working to bring quality continuing education on the topic(s) you’ve requested, please consider taking evidence-based continuing education in Everyday Leadership and in Supervision. These courses are designed to improve your influence with clients and colleagues, which drives carryover. They are also an invaluable support in working efficiently, advocating for positive change in your environment, and stress management.

  • I have supervision experience. What level of the Certification in Supervision should I begin?

    Whether you are preparing for your first supervision or your fiftieth, we encourage you to absorb and apply the research and activities in the Essentials Series. It is the framework that supports the Activation and Immersion Series, and enables you to speak the same language as your peers in these courses.

  • Do you have a program for students?

    Our packages are offered at an affordable monthly price to make it accessible to a range of budgets. We highly recommend that students take the Everyday Leadership training. This is an invaluable support in stress management and influence. The Everyday Leadership training provides practical skills in stress management which support both students and practitioners. The research based education in influence provides a framework for engaging clients in treatment for increased carryover as well as healthy relationships with colleagues and superiors.

  • Do you provide employer-sponsored plans for continuing education?

    We do provide services for employer-sponsored plans. Please contact us via the contact form for personalized information.

  • What does 1 credit correspond to?

    One credit on speechceu.com is the same as one credit hour of Continuing Education.

  • I need to report CEU hours. Can you help?

    We can! All of your completed continuing education courses are kept in your course transcript at speechceu.com. It is available for free download from your secure account. You do not have to be a member at the time of download, however you must have your login credentials.