Why speechceu.com?

Our continuing education focuses on evidence-based practices that reduce stress & facilitate client carryover.

We have partnered to improve the statistics on job satisfaction in ASHA peer reviewed journals, pictured below. We believe that continuing education is a valuable way to improve both quality of work-life for clinicians, as well as client outcomes.

Percentage of SLPs who always or sometimes feel bothered at work.

75 %

Percentage of SLPs who are only somewhat satisfied with their careers.

49 %

According to Spencer (1997), job satisfaction is important for two reasons: Satisfaction with one’s job reflects fair, respectful treatment by an organization, and satisfaction can affect employee functioning and production. Individuals who experience low levels of job satisfaction often experience job stress and burnout, which in turn can contribute to a decline in quality of care and a decrease in functioning at work

Kalkhoff, N. L. & Collins, D. R
LSHSS, 2012
Pattie Barrett, MS, CCC-SLP

This beautiful site, so thoughtfully developed, brings a whole new dimension to continuing education. Sharon understands perfectly what we need in order to motivate and inspire those we work with. Her teaching philosophy includes advocating for and supporting ourselves too. She has formed a team committed to making it easy for us to find research & efficient application we need to help others as we help ourselves.

Flexible Continuing Education Membership Options!

Our plans offer you the convenience of 1 or 2 CEUs available monthly, so you can always stay current with best practices and clinical support. We also offer annual subscriptions with 12 or 24 CEUs available immediately.

Available May 2017

12 CEUs Supervision

Available May 2017

12 CEUs Everyday Leadership: Influence & Stress Mgmt

Available May 2017

12 CEUs Adult & Ped Topics

All Memberships Include:

  • Free bonus member content and downloads!
  • Access to continuing education in a range of applicable clinical topics for adults & pediatrics
  • Priority access to workload/caseload initiatives for the profession!
  • Free transcript for easy reporting!
  • Access to 12 hours of Certification Continuing Education in Everyday Leadership (stress management & influence)
  • Access to 12 hours of Certification Continuing Education in Supervision
  • Discounts on Intermediate and Advanced Continuing Education in Everyday Leadership & Supervision
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • Flexible membership options! Upgrade, pause or cancel memberships at any time!
  • Live access to course content beginning May 2017!


Request specific course content at any time. Our goal is to continually provide efficient, relatable evidence-based continuing education that helps you better support yourself and your clients in meaningful ways.

Avoid the stress of trying to find courses at the last minute! Refine and streamline your clinical work by regularly participating in continuing education and free online resources dedicated to improving both the quality of your practice and your quality of professional life.

I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Sharon Rice of speechceu.com who is helping clinicians take care of themselves as well as their student/client through evidence-based continuing education.

Desiree Winterbottom, MA, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist, SLPTALK